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after you told us the story of napkin paper we are planning to build a very very large chicken farm which can raising one billion of chickens so as to let more business men buy more egg tray machines and start up their new business.( A Joke). 
In our conversation we know that you need two parallel lines of 5000 pcs/h pulp molding machine. That’s a wonderful idea. According  our talking with customers from Turkey, USA, Egypt and Iran we conclude that a huge egg tray market is around you, such as Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. Many customers from this area come to China to find egg tray machines. More than 10 companies began their egg tray/carton business within three years. We are sure that this area need more and more egg trays and cartons. Therefore we think that the sooner you start up your egg tray/carton business the more profit you will make.

The advantages are:
You can be easier to get loans from your local bank with lower interests comparing with China bank. 
Saving a lot of cost with burning wood in dryer than using natural gas.
Most of the egg trays producers need to change their old, shabby and damaged machines.
These producers have to reduce their output because of their damaged machines.
But the egg tray/carton market demand are dilating.

From the above we assure that is the best chance to develop the egg trays career.

3 different egg cartons + 1 egg tray + 1 cover of egg tray.  Acorn machine diminish the cost of operation and offer you efficient production with high quality and long life cycle with less maintainess. 

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