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About Acorn

Acorn Industry is a joint venture and international company based in China, Europe, and the United States. The company was founded by seeking Western quality against Chinese prices.

Acorn industry specializes in the pulp machines that produce egg tray, apple tray, egg box, chamber pot, and some industrial package. Acorn likes to offer rotary drum pulp machines.

The mission of Acorn Industry is to provide the very best pulp product manufacturing systems in terms of price/performance/service. Price will be based on a low cost of manufacturing within and out of China. Performance will be based on a close collaboration between manufacturer and pulp product producers. We intend to introduce lean manufacturing methodologies and the discipline to focus only where we can add strategic value whilst outsourcing where other suppliers can provide better components /service. There are a number of product innovations that we intend to introduce that will improve the flexibility of the product, its reliability, ease of service and the operating cost to produce pulp products. We also believe that the current model of “fire and forget” will no longer be possible if we introduce an ability for our customers to receive, a REAL warranty, technical support, on site trouble shooting, and joint innovative development.

Welcome to visit our corporation located in Yantai City which is famous for Yantai Apples, Laiyang Pears, Penglai Wonderland, and memorable beautiful seafront with sand beach.

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